Remember Life

“Remember Life” tells quite the exciting backstory. Camilla (the artist behind Coffeepie) had won the recording in a competition at her music school and hence got the opportunity to reimagine the song and realize the sound she envisioned in the “Mushroom Studios” with producer David Piribauer and musical extraordinaire Dave Camille. The nostalgic and somewhat longing sound tells the story of the song – the search for belonging and purpose. Talking about the song Coffeepie notes:

“ I don’t usually share the meanings of my songs, as every listener should get the opportunity to take what they need from my music and find their own interpretations. Music can be healing, powerful and connecting and should never be one-sided. I might tell my story with the music I write, but I want to encourage people to find parts of themself in and through my art.”

Released December 1st, 2021

Written by Camilla Piso

Produced by David Piribauer

Recorded at The Mushroom Studios